I’ve been shooting video and stills since around 2002 when my friends and I would shoot little videos of us riding BMX.  Over the years I became more interested in how video can be used creatively to show something unique or get a message across.  Since starting out in this business as a hobby I’ve worked for MTV, Papa Johns, KFC, GE, Freightliner Trucks and many other clients.   Today I shoot and edit full time and have a range of gear to tackle most any project, if I don’t have something I know who does.

Ocean Llama was started as a tutorial site for timelapses.  I’ve always wanted to share something with the world but never really found anything specialized enough to make it worth while until I began doing timelapses.  I hope the information on here is useful and would love to hear from anyone who has learned from the site.  If you have any questions, comments or are interested in making a video. check out the contact page.


Eric Stemen