Hyperlapse 03


For anyone who has ever seen those shots where it looks like the subject of the scene stays the same size but the background recedes away, this video is a quick tutorial that explains how to achieve the shot in camera. The video above is more detailed but here is the summary.   First you’ll […]

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First Timelapse Created for Louisville In Motion

Louisville Timelapses 2012

Louisville Timelapses 2012 On February 28, 2012 this whole project started by accident.  The day was unusually warm and by the evening the temperature was still in the low 60’s instead of the usual low 40’s.  Around the same time I started a new job and one of the employees was into shooting timelapses.  I […]

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Hyperlapse While Zooming

Louisville Timelapses 2013

Louisville Timelapses 2013 The weather started to warm and trees began to bloom so it was time to finish shooting the video.  I first started shooting the remainder of the video on April 7, 2013.  I had been watching other people’s timelapse videos over the winter to help come up with new ideas of what […]

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Magic Arm


Sliders My first memory of noticing the parallax effect was probably when I was in second grade playing an NES game called “Snoopy’s Silly Sports Spectacular”.  This was a side scrolling game and for one of the challenges the cartoon character Snoopy was in a sack race and as he moved forward the background plate […]

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Intervalometer Cover

Intermediate Timelapse

Starting Out In this tutotrial I’ll share my preferred way of capturing timelapses.  I’m going to stay away from “day to night” or “night to day” techniques(also called the holy grail) since these are fairly advanced and can be overwhelming when starting out.  We won’t be shooting any video, instead we will capture the scene […]

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Timelapse of houses in Garett Kentucky

Eastern Kentucky Pt. 3

Last day and conclusion Click here for part 1 Click here for part 2 On my final morning of the trip I woke up around 10:30 a.m., walked across the street to a Burger King, had breakfast, and then backtracked down the main road to an active coal tipple that could be seen from the […]

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Lynch Coal Tipple

Eastern Kentucky Pt. 2

Days three and four Click here for part 1 I woke up around 10 a.m. checked out of the hotel and contemplated driving back home.  “I’m not sure what’s wrong with my car, and I don’t want to get stuck out here.  It’s also cold and if I leave now assuming the car holds out […]

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Whitesburg Downtown

Eastern Kentcky Pt. 1

Days one and two. In late 2009 I was riding in the back of a van headed to a mountaintop removal site in eastern Kentucky to get some interviews for a video.  Having never been to this area before I loved getting to look out the windows and see the scenery.  As we got further […]

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Magic Arm without Accessories

Magic Arms

Overview Few pieces of gear are as versatile and useful as the Manfrotto Magic Arm.  It’s rated to hold objects up to 6.61lbs (3Kg) in about any position you can think of.  I bought my first Magic Arm in 2008 and I’m still finding new ways to use it.  Most pieces of gear have some […]

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GH2 in video mode

How to: Basic Timelapse

There are two fundamental ways to make a timelapse, one is by shooting video and the other is by taking a series of photos.  I think the easiest way is the video method.  To do this you’ll need a few pieces of gear and software, but before going any further this is the end product […]

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