Estimate Examples

These are some sample invoices fromĀ  some previously completed videos.
No two projects or estimates are the same but this will give a very rough idea of what similar videos will likely cost.
The dollar amounts and actual numbers of hours spent on the videos have been updated from the original invoices.

Long Form - Corporate Video

This video highlights Toyota's contribution to increasing PPE production during the COVID-19 pandemic by deploying their engineers to boost PPE manufacturing in a different company's factory.
The 6 and a half minute footage was captured over two days and required 60 hours of editing.

Manufacturing - Testimonial Video

We created this testimonial for a paint coating manufacturer. This was recorded over the course of a day and involved 25 hours worth of editing.
While this was an out of town job, the invoice reflects pricing as if it were local.

Organization - Recruitment Video

For this project we were tasked with creating a series of videos designed to increase the golf club's membership.
We spent a day on site and delivered one longer videos and 7 shorter videos for social media.