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Solar eclipse mistakes during recording.

Chasing Totality: Lessons Learned from Photographing the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Learn five things not to do when capturing a solar eclipse and three things you…

View Of The Spires At Churchhill Downs From The Track

Timelapses For The Kentucky Derby.

I never expected to receive a call from NBC Sports asking me to create timelapses…

Sony camera with lots of accessories

Beware Of Decorated Cameras

Be cautious of overly decorated cameras – they could be a sign of deception. A…

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The News Enterprise Elizabethtown Kentucky Newspaper Logo

Discover the mesmerizing timelapse tour of Louisville by Eric Stemen, a Central Hardin High School…

Western Kentucky University Red Logo

Eric Stemen, a distinguished alumnus known for his timelapse expertise, captivated audiences at the Western…

Premium Beat Logo

Learn how to create a stunning time-lapse dolly zoom effect with expert tips and techniques.…

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