Francis Parker

Francis Parker School of Louisville

Video Synopsis

This video, initially conceived as a fundraising tool for Francis Parker School of Louisville, was subsequently adapted into an “About Us” presentation due to its positive reception, thus extending its utility. With limited notice before filming, I undertook comprehensive research on the school, utilizing its website and AI-assisted technology to develop a robust set of interview questions.

Unfamiliar with the school’s progressive educational philosophy, I requested permission to capture b-roll footage prior to interviews. This approach allowed me to gain firsthand insight into the school’s environment and establish a common frame of reference with interviewees.

Upon arrival, I was granted unrestricted access to document various aspects of the school. The institution’s unique approach was evident, with a noticeable emphasis on engaged, egalitarian teacher-student interactions reminiscent of collegiate settings.

Given the project’s tight timeline, I independently managed the recording and interviewing processes. The preliminary b-roll capture proved invaluable, facilitating more in-depth conversations with students and faculty than would have been possible through website research alone.

Following a full day on-site, the final edit was crafted from interviews with three students and the school’s head. The video’s success led to its repurposing from a fundraising tool to an institutional overview.

This adaptive approach to content creation is a hallmark of my interview methodology. I consistently aim to gather sufficient material to produce evergreen content or multiple short-form videos, maximizing the value and longevity of each project.

Our Role

  • Cinematographer
  • Lighting
  • Producer
  • Interviewer
  • Editor
  • Graphics
  • Color Correction

Client Description

Francis Parker School of Louisville is an independent, progressive school serving Preschool through High School students on two campuses in Louisville, KY. Emphasizing intellectual engagement, creativity, and diversity, the school fosters a joyful, compassionate community. Its philosophy focuses on individualized education, experiential learning, and critical thinking. Students are encouraged to be lifelong learners, act with empathy, and contribute to society. The school promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion, preparing students for higher education and responsible citizenship.

For more information, visit Francis Parker School of Louisville.


The final video was delivered in multiple formats and resolutions to ensure broad compatibility and optimal viewing quality. We provided 4K, 1080p, and 720p versions, with the 720p available in both .mp4 and .wmv formats. This multi-format approach was designed to accommodate various playback scenarios, including older televisions with USB inputs.

Initially commissioned for a one-time fundraising presentation, the video’s exceptional quality led to its repurposing as an “About Us” showcase for the school. This adaptation transformed a single-use asset into a versatile marketing tool, demonstrating the value of producing high-quality content that can extend beyond its original purpose. The video now serves as a key component in representing the school’s ethos and educational approach to a wider audience.

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