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About the Presentation

The Western Kentucky University Film Festival this year was graced by the presence of Eric Stemen, an alumnus renowned for his expertise in timelapse photography. Stemen, recognized for his stunning portrayal of Louisville in a time-lapse video, delivered an insightful and engaging presentation, drawing a keen audience of students and faculty alike.

Stemen’s journey into the world of time-lapse photography began as a personal project that turned into a mastery of the art, as evidenced in his detailed article published on dpreview. He showcased his skills using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 and an array of lenses, turning ordinary cityscapes into captivating sequences. His presentation at the festival focused on the nuanced aspects of timelapse photography, from exposure techniques to the intricacies of motion blur and depth of field.

About The Event

The event, orchestrated by Ron DeMarse of WKU, provided a platform for Stemen to share his unique approach. He emphasized the importance of persistence and patience in capturing the essence of a subject over extended periods. Stemen’s methodical approach to each project, involving meticulous planning and extensive post-production, was a key takeaway for the students.

In addition to Stemen’s presentation, the festival featured various industry professionals, including award-winning writer and director Kat Candler. Candler engaged with film majors through workshops and discussions, focusing on her experiences with her feature film “Hellion.” The festival, sponsored by WKU’s School of Journalism and Broadcasting, was a convergence of creative minds sharing insights and experiences in filmmaking.

Eric Stemen, with his roots in WKU, represents the successful fusion of academic learning and practical application. His session was not just a demonstration of technical skills, but a testament to his dedication and passion for the art of filmmaking. His work serves as an inspiration for aspiring filmmakers at WKU, proving that perseverance and creativity can lead to remarkable achievements in the world of cinema.

Nothing stays online forever.  Here’s a screen recording of the article.

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